Information about our server
  • IP-Adresse:
  • Servermod: Vanilla-Server (without mods or starter-kits)
  • Language: english and german
  • Mode: PvP

Important. Don´t forget. Every thursday will be patchday. Our server will receive the updates automatically. You have to restart your Steam-Client to receive the client updates and join our server again.


We will post future updates on Twitter, the Discord-Server and in our Steamgroup

  • Group size: maximum of 4
  • Map: size of 4.200
  • Language: german and english
  • Ping: 400 maximum
  • VAC Bans: maximum of 1
  • Griefing: allowed

  • every Friday 18 CEST

Official Admin list
  • Mr.DaSilva
  • Ghosie
  • tKR.Admin / WicK

We`re looking for new admins, feel free to contact us on Discord